Katie Smith

Flavour Analytics

Chefs and Restaurants

Use our Virtual Test Kitchen to Discover Food Trends, Build New Creative Recipes and do menu engineering to upsell food pairings.

F&B Companies and Online Groceries

Get the Latest Food Trends. Do Real-time menu engineering to curate product pairing suggestions to increase conversion and basket size by showing customers how to cook and pair your items


Pair drinks with food. Build customised cocktails and drinks to suit your customer's preference. See our sample video below!

What We do

Ingredient Pairing

We use data analytics on ingredient molecules to match the ingredients that go well together for your target customers.

Recipe Development

From the selected ingredients, we then use data analytics to get you, your personalized recipe with exact quantities and cooking instructions.

Create Your Own Cocktail

Here's a sample of what we can build for you

How Big Data Can Change the Way We Eat

Built With Launchaco
Built With Launchaco